Why Stay in Garopaba

Hostel | Santa Catarina

The house has "face" of mother and brother embrace, and is prepared to receive you with affection and family around the world.

See the advantages of the house that nestles ...


We have an unbelievable location, know everything Garopaba - Santa Catarina has to offer you the best.


Share safely! We have spaces for you to store your valuables while visiting our beautiful Santa Catarina.


Breakfast included in the stay. Cake, two kinds of bread, fruit, chimias, cheese, ham, coffee, milk and filled with stories table ... For you start your day with energy and harmony.


You really large rooms, you will not feel cramped like a sardine.

Living Room

cozy room full of harmony with TV, sofa and Computer prepared to meet new people.

Area Study

For you are a student, we have areas with tables and sockets for you to perform your work and your readings.


Fully equipped kitchen, everything you need to play chef and share course.


Microwave to make a quick Comidinha and not waste time on the tour.


colorful bedding and quality for sleep is lighter and fun.


Mattresses density D33 line hotel, pay less sleep well and live over the city.


Individual bathrooms outside the rooms, no one will bother to use the madruga bathroom.


Really hot showers and excellent water flow.

Best Tips

tourist information and all the hot tips of the city, that only those who live know.

Maps and Folders

We have maps of tourist routes of the city and many informative. For you do not get lost. And the best, all for free!

Everything Around

We are next door to all points of the city, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies and other attractions, do not spend with taxi.


4 routers for home to keep you always connected.

Beautiful beaches

Find the beach of Garopaba in 300 meters. And know all the beaches around us and make your trip a unique experience.

Laundry Service

Travelers need washing. Deliver us your clothes, we wash and deliver clean and fragrant.

Friendly Staff

friendly and informative always willing to help, and we do not know something, we search and discover.

Gaste Menos...

[...] e gaste mais em sua experiência na cidade, gastando mais tempo conhecendo pessoas e se divertindo.

Check out some photos of our structure...

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